VIVE - your web-based, comprehensive BI solution powered by the DAAS Framework

Business Intelligence solutions combine the power of business information, business analysis, and decision support to improve profitability. However, the biggest challenge is to identify how to leverage BI in the context of the core business processes that drive business results.

VIVE addresses this challenge effectively by coming up with a complete end-toend BI suite. The VIVE BI suite uses the different components of business intelligence technologies, including reporting, analytics, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, process management, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics to deliver complete BI solutions.

VIVE can handle large amounts of structured or unstructured data, which show up as dots on your dashboards. VIVE’s intelligent report tools and dashboards connect these dots to derive a meaningful picture, based on which you can make strategic or operational decisions and even open new avenues for your business.


Unlock the Key to Data-Driven Decision Making

VIVE is a secure, scalable, and industrial-grade complete business intelligence solution that puts your modern enterprise on top of the game. Simple, Intuitive, and backed by advanced analytics VIVE BI Solution empowers your business users with any time, anywhere data.

Create and consume intelligence on the fly

Sharpen your business insights by retrieving crucial information using VIVE. VIVE is an entirely browser-based BI Platform that requires zero installations at your end. Business intelligence now at your fingertips - anywhere, any device, any time!

Drag, Drop, Done

That’s how simple it is! With VIVE, you can customize your reports in near-zero time. The VIVE platform comes with a growing repository of pre-built reports. The VIVE wizard crafts beautiful brand new reports as per your tastes and needs. Use your favorite browser to build reports from any data source’ Our creative and intuitive dashboards can dramatically decrease your organization’s time spent on collecting, standardizing, and consolidating data.

Share, Collaborate, and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Turn everyone into your best analyst with interactive dashboards in a web browser or mobile device. Embed dashboards in your company’s portals across your business. Comment on dashboards to share your findings. Subscribe and get regular updates. Download a free trial and get out of the queue.

A web based, user-friendly, Business Intelligence & data exploration platform for modern enterprises.

VIVE Features