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Process Intelligence

Vive is a tool that connects all of the data in your company’s IT systems to create a digital visualization of processes, show where deviations exist and why they occur. Our process intelligence is the most automated business process discovery solution available, offering real-time, actionable insights into data-driven decision-making and improving business processes over time by maximizing value.


Process intelligence provides visibility into current processes and where the vulnerabilities or gaps exist within those processes. With multi-level process mining capabilities, you can map several different processes within a single comprehensive model, solving the huge limitation faced by traditional process mining techniques.


We partnered up with UI Path to provide you with RPA, or Robotic process automation, which can handle all your repetitive business processes using software robots to transform and streamline your organization’s workflow. Save money, minimize error by automating your back-office processes and give your frontline people more time to do what they do best: interacting with people, solving their problems, communicating, and connecting. Vive promotes superior scalability and flexibility within the enterprise, coupled with fast, tailored responses to your organization’s specific needs.


We measure success and report back to you in various ways. Depending on your personal preferences.


  • Workshops
  • User journey mapping
  • Customer assessments
  • Analytics / statistical assessment


  • Highly engaged user reviews
  • Collection of Customer feedback
  • Customer assessments
  • Reactive to market changes.

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