Leaders are Continually Challenged to Optimize their Business but

About 70% Percent of Transformation and Optimization programs fail or do not deliver on committed business outcomes and savings.


Inability to identify inefficiencies in processes and the associated business impacts.

In large, complex, organizations cross functional teams look at processes within their Silo.

Inefficient use of resources (Labor and technology) within a process.

The next breakthrough in Process Mining

World’s #1
Multi-Dimensional Process Mining System

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Let VIVE Process Intelligence show you

  • How your enterprise truly runs ?
  • How to optimize it based on data driven decisions ?
  • How your process change that is meaningful to your most critical business drivers ?

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Business Capabilities with VIVE Process Intelligence

Discovery of process

Mapping of the process


Root cause



Compliance issues

Deviations from standards

Enhance Automation

Data is Key but how well do we understand our "Processes"?

Data leads to Information which leads to Knowledge, which then translates to Wisdom in the long term. This phenomenon is popularly referred to as the DIKW pyramid. However, does the DIKW pyramid apply to business processes?

While we may have access to sufficient data from our process flows, the kind of information and knowledge that we gather from it keeps changing over a period of time. This happens solely because processes are continuously changing.

Processes are subject to change due to the dynamic nature of compliance requirement, market competition, and changes in a business’s management structure. These frequent changes almost always result in what we call Process Leakage. Although businesses might think they have process leakage under control, the reality is often different.

Businesses might be quick to spot process leakages yet they are often stuck in the Process Discovery phase, while they continue to work with expensive BPM tools that can neither keep up with the market dynamics nor are they adaptable enough.

This is the gap aBIa has been successfully filling in, over the last couple of years, by providing clients with the ability to automate the mundane process of identifying and monitoring process leakages, and by optimizing their processes.

Introducing aBIa’s Process Intelligence Solution ViVE.

ViVE is the only process intelligence solution you will ever need to help you make most of your process data. ViVE provides clients with actionable insights, in easy-to-consume and assimilate formats, thereby helping them stay at par or a few steps ahead when it comes to market dynamics or process leakage.

Harness the Power of Process Intelligence And Boost your Business.

Businesses across industries are constantly struggling with issues such as:
  • Market dynamics
  • Price fluctuations
  • Logistical issues  
  • Ever-changing regulations 
  • Continuous changes in technology

To address these issues, businesses often start exhibiting the shiny app syndrome, in which they buy technologies and solutions that provide a short term fix while losing track of their ultimate organizational vision and goals. They end up getting stuck in a vicious cycle, that is not only expensive but also inefficient.

ViVE helps businesses deal with these issues using an inside out approach, thus paving the way to a true Digital Transformation.

Vive helps businesses:

  • Figure out the core process issues 
  • Understand the processes better
  • Discover hidden paths
  • Enable maverick buying
  • Focus on process gaps
  • Identify areas of compliance breach

The Thought behind Process Intelligence

Businesses worldwide spend approximately a trillion dollars every year on digital transformations. Yet, over 70% of these initiatives fail.

Why does this happen? Why despite all the investment into these costly digital transformations they fall through?

This is because real business transformation lies in your everyday individual processes. When each process, in your organization, is working at its optimum efficiency, you will realize real business transformation like never before.

This is what Process Intelligence helps you do. Simply put, it pulls data from your existing processes to show you how they are working. It gives you a bird’s eye view of where processes are getting stuck or are not performing as they should and you get a chance to fix it immediately, curtailing losses in time, money, or customer loyalty.

You can also use these insights to make informed decisions regarding your processes, strengthening them further, and making them future-proof. This is the definition of a successful business transformation, one that Process Intelligence helps you achieve.

Process Intelligence boosts your business’s efficiency irrespective of the industry you serve:

Process Intelligence

Explore ViVE

ViVE is a Process Intelligence solution, developed and built by aBIa. ViVE’s “easy-to-use and implement” features make it easy for you to:

  • Integrate it with your processes and apps
  • Identify friction & blind spots in your processes
  • Reduce wastage & costs
  • Free up manhours and enable work reprioritization
  • Optimize operations and reap magnified ROIs
  • Monitor your operational analytics

Here’s how ViVE can help your business

  • Ensures that your business processes flow smoothly
  • Gives you a clear view of all processes and enables AS-IS
  • Reduces the chances of being blindsided by faulty processes
  • Helps spot outliers in a matter of seconds
  • Compares the time and cost spent on each process easily
  • Improves revenues and ROI

With ViVE you can:


Identify outliers and deviations in a matter of minutes.


Create Trust around your current processes by removing outliers and placing simple instructions to automate paths.


Optimize your processes to decrease turnaround time without affecting quality or accuracy.


Accelerate processes by predicting future possible inefficiencies and wastages and fixing them before they even occur.

Get clarity and a bird’s eye view of your ongoing processes.

About Abia

ABIA is one of the fastest-growing frontrunners in the space of Process Intelligence (PI). It’s a global company with presence in both U.S. and India. aBIa’s PI-based platform ViVE has been designed to breathe new life into your current processes by pointing out wastages and outliers, in a matter of minutes, so you can take corrective action and steer your business back into profitability in no time.

We are aBIa and this is how we can help you:

  • Harness the power of AI and ML to procure meaningful and accurate insights from your current processes
  • Enjoy, hassle-free, smooth digital transformation and increased ROI 
  • Spot differences in pattern and process outliers using ViVE’s brilliant, graphic representations of your processes
  • Reduce your spending on RPA by giving it ready-to-use data on how to handle discrepancies
  • Boost revenues, market growth & reach with optimized processes that work just like they should.

Find out how ViVE can boost your business

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Our Leaders

Meet the people behind aBIa and two of the leading innovators in the Process Intelligence space.

Kumar Narala

Co-Founder & CEO

Dharaninath Doppalapudi


Business Intelligence

Looking for Business Intelligence to monitor your existing and new processes? aBIa offers powerful business intelligence (BI) dashboards that help you track your KPIs and standardize your processes further.

We understand the need to have access to faster reporting, analysis, and plan based on these reports. To address this, we offer accurate reporting, analysis, and planning tool that helps you make better business decisions and improve your business’s overall data quality. The right business intelligence solution can help you improve:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency
  • Competitive advantage
  • Customer satisfaction

With our Business Intelligence software, you stand to gain from:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Saved headcount


Businesses in each industry have their processes in place. However diverse their processes, outcomes, efficiencies, and problems might be, ViVE is a universal tool that enables business leaders maximize efficiencies and optimize their processes.

Financial services

If you are a financial services organization, ViVE integration can help you:

  • Optimize your working capital
  • Increase overall productivity via automation
  • Manage compliance requirements smoothly

Currently, only 5% of CFOs in finance organizations have truly harnessed the power of automation technologies such as RPA and AI and have realized a substantial return on the same. This just goes on to show that while digitization absolutely can give financial services the boost they need to grow and expand, the transformation also needs to be done correctly. Having the right technology, such as AI and PI in place can help finance leaders:

  • Optimize accounts payable and maximize cash discounts
  • Identify missed discounts and late payments in accounts receivables
  • Improve their maverick buying capabilities and build on it
  • Automate their invoices, orders, and POs, thereby lowering the cost
  • Enjoy immediate ROI

Boost your business’s ROI

Consumer Goods

ViVE integration can help improve the supply-chain activities in your consumer goods business, substantially. Two of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to consumer goods business are process efficiency in order generation and delivery processes. With increasing customer expectations for shorter delivery times and growing costs, B2C business owners are overworked to the core, while handling order deliveries and ensuring their bottom lines are not hurt. ViVE integration can help businesses in the consumer goods industry:

  • Create a seamless customer experience
  • Gain clear visibility of reasons that lead to rising costs and delayed deliveries
  • Access actionable data and insights
  • Improve efficiency
  • Remove outliers in their processes
  • Reduce waste and losses

And this is how you can achieve the above:

  • Increase purchasing productivity by automating manual steps
  • Optimize purchasing spend by leveraging granular supplier
  • Conduct performance evaluations to negotiate & optimize the supplier base
  • Manage risk & compliance by identifying and pre-empting maverick buying and eliminating duplicate invoices

Create seamless customer experiences


Process Intelligence can help healthcare providers with important insights on how they can optimize and automate, critical and time-sensitive processes while reducing costs and improving productivity.

Cost and productivity are two of the most crucial KPIs for healthcare organizations. Healthcare processes are dynamic, multidisciplinary, and hence often complex. Coupled with its critical and time-sensitive nature, the healthcare sector could benefit much by integrating a Process Intelligence platform, such as ViVE, with their current processes and realize advantages such as:

  • Reducing patient’s stay time at the hospital
  • Saving millions by eliminating rework
  • Eliminating user error
  • Proactively predicting payments that are likely to be denials
  • Automatically adjusting your payment collection accordingly
  • Measuring the impact of increased on-time payments
  • Realizing positive working capital and increased revenue

Optimize your careflows


Despite the challenges of production and process complexities, supply chain volatility and increased regulatory standards, manufacturing companies can and will be able to realize the power of optimized quality and throughput by integrating Process Intelligence to their current processes. ViVE integration enables manufacturing companies to successfully deliver quality products, by accelerating throughput and reducing wastage.

With ViVE you can:

  • Identify and address process outliers
  • Plan production accurately
  • Establish smoothly-running assembly lines
  • Optimize hardware utilization
  • Achieve optimum performance levels

ReViVE throughput and production quality

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utility sector is undergoing profound changes given the role government regulations are playing in liberalizing the market which is seeing more competition than ever before. While energy companies ensure they comply with the various laws and regulations established by the government, they also need to keep the prices low and hold on to their market share in this competitive industry.

Process Intelligence helps energy companies do just that. With Process Intelligence, you can remove potential delays in processes such as order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, customer service, warehouse management, and finally and most importantly, ensure consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

In a nutshell, ViVE integration can help you:

  • Become more competitive by using actionable insights to remove process barriers
  • Identify the potential of your processes
  • Carry out strategy adjustments to boost competitive advantage
  • Optimize existing customer-retention
  • Acquire new customers sustainably

Ready to energize your business processes?


Customer churn is one of the biggest issues that telecom companies face, across the world. To combat this issue, telecom companies need to ensure excellent customer support and services, at competitive prices, while maintaining speed in service delivery.

Process Intelligence helps telecom companies achieve all of the above by using the huge amounts of data that they gather every day to provide them with better insights into their client and business processes.

If you are a telecom company that needs to reduce customer churn and boost efficiency ViVE can help you achieve the same by:

  • Providing you with actionable insights
  • Helping you chalk out accurate strategies based on those insights
  • Enabling employees to have more time to address real customer problems
  • Reduce time spent on unnecessary activities or steps in problem-solving
  • Extending outstanding service to customers

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